Welcome to my website

Hello there. This website is used by me to ramble about whatever i'm currently interested in and to sort my thoughts. free from the constraints of modern social media sites. i want to be able to freely express myself here, without judgement, i just want this to be a place to have fun and get away from things for a little while! And maybe someone else might stumble upon this page and take some interest in it too..who knows. This site is always under construction, and may have frequent layout changes.

To-Do List:

  • update layout and format.
  • make sitemap
  • finish doctor who shrine
  • update about page
  • update movies page
  • make music page
  • make blog page
  • add buttom marque to index
  • add people's buttons

featured content!

please be cautious as you look around this website, many of the pages are still under construction and may be subject to frequent, unexpected layout changes.

let me know you visited!

other links:

- neocities profile

- sitemap

- my spacehey

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Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) - Talking Heads


12/19/21 - i completely changed the homepage layout. please excuse the janky code, i'll fix it someday
12/18/21 - i now have a proper blog on this site! thanks to Zonelets!
12/14/21 - added the doctor who shrine! it's very unfinished, but hopefully i can work on it more soon.
12/11/21 - updated a bit of the index and about page, added a links page, and finally added my art page!
9/28/21 - realized i didn't have a changelog and decided to make one.